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South Gloucestershire Council Community Learning

Our classes are inclusive and we welcome everyone.

We deliver a range of Adult Education courses in community venues across South Gloucestershire. Our aim is to help learners reach their full potential, improve or learn new skills, grow in confidence, inspire others and overcome barriers they may face in attaining these things.

For our online courses you will need to have an internet connection and access to a computer or laptop.  If you feel you need help with this, please discuss this with the Development Worker.

South Gloucestershire Council provides accessible and high quality learning opportunities for eligible adults to improve their skills and qualifications.  This can benefit not only you, but your family, local businesses and the community.  Our courses offer the opportunity for you to:

  • set goals towards your personal aspirations and recognise and value your achievements
  • grow in confidence so that you can engage effectively and contribute to your community
  • inspire your family and friends with the pleasure and value of learning
  • see learning as a positive experience and life long journey, seeking to continually develop and extend your skills, knowledge and understanding
  • develop positive routines and approaches which transfer to future learning or work
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