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Ukrainian in classroom support

Free Training for Ukrainians

Building your Career, Wellbeing and Self Confidence. Free Training for Ukrainians in two languages.

Під час цього заходу ми будемо ділитися порадами та стратегіями, які допоможуть вам побудувати успішну кар’єру, зберегти самопочуття та підв

By Marina Morris

Building your Career, Wellbeing and Self Confidence. Free Training for Ukrainians in two languages.

This course is designed to help Ukrainians living in the Bristol area to enhance their career prospects, improve English skills, develop their overall wellbeing and boost their self-confidence.

3 modules:

1. Strategy for improving career and understanding life in the UK.

Perfecting your interview skills.

Searching for a job.

Writing a winning application.

Finding the right study course.

2. Developing English.

3. Developing Wellbeing and Self-confidence.

It is not easy to start a new life in a different society and compete in a country against native speakers, when qualifications, past skills and experience might not be recognised at the beginning. You can find a magic answer and create your path to your dream work, developing knowledge and skills in an ambitious and resilient environment. You have all resources that you need to become your best.

Your mind has extraordinary powers and you will learn how to use them to compete and win, learning new techniques and using visual tools. With skills and tools, no dream is too big. Don’t be driven by fears and doubts, you will learn how to be driven by your strategy and vision of your best future and how to execute this vision.

  • You will explore and discover your personal strength associated with high performance and maximum growth. You have the capacity to grow into your potential.
  • You will use your thoughts and imagination to create the vision of your best future. Before something can exist in the real world, it must first exist in your mind. Every great achiever starts with the vision of the best future in the mind.
  • You will learn to replace your limited beliefs sabotaging your goals.

No one else can do this for you. You need to do it intentionally.

The course will help you to face difficulties and challenges, transforming a culture of low expectation to achieve your goals.


June 2024
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